6 eye-catching jewelry display props recommended

    You would think that as soon as the big-name display is announced, everyone will see it, and all kinds of news will come out one after another. In fact, the allure of jewelry after display will definitely affect customers’ purchasing behavior. When you usually walk into a jewelry store, have you ever noticed which counter furnishings catch your eye first? In fact, small details such as the color of jewelry display props and jewelry greatly affect the sales performance of stores and counters.

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The first one: rose pink classic counter jewelry display props

    The door to happiness has been opened. The perfect ring of the ring symbolizes life and love. The diamonds on it represent intimacy, eternity and purity. The rose pink color with dewdrops is given to the bride who has been in love for a long time. Holding hands and walking into the door of love, that place is called “home” and we will stay together for the rest of our lives!

6 eye-catching jewelry display props recommended

Style 2: New violet-toned jewelry display props

   The designer refined this extraordinary creativity into a dazzling new jewelry display prop. The frame is recessed, and the violet tones are decorated with layers of glued carvings. It seems that the expression of emotions becomes more expressive against the backdrop of color expression. Full for richness.

New violet-toned jewelry display props


Type 3: Jewelry display props with metal edges

   This display prop is visually stunning. The craftsmanship of punching the frame, placing the inner core, and inlaying metal on the edge may seem simple, but it is meticulous and elegant. It will definitely shine in any occasion. Our designers, who are persistent and talented, use promotional background paintings and carved portraits to give the counter props soul, telling the story of a happy woman and a brilliant relationship with jewelry.

Jewelry display props with metal edges


Style 4: Customized chicken skin fabric jewelry display props

Such fashion and harmony are inseparable from our choice of customized fabrics and processes. The chicken skin used in this prop is actually a fabric restored one-to-one according to the merchant’s requirements. From the composition of the velvet material to the density to the uniformity of the color, there is no pungent smell like some market fabrics, and there will be no situation where the quality is not guaranteed and is shoddy. Of course, we are not denying all spot fabrics on the market. This point still needs to be realistic. So what we want to say is that the fabric of this prop is really worth owning.

Customized chicken skin fabric jewelry display props


Style 5: Wedding series jewelry display props

This new window display product of the wedding series includes three product lines of Anglewei Packaging: one is the back plate platform ring holder, which needs no introduction, simple design, high-quality materials and hand-wrapped edges; Another thing is decoration.

Wedding series jewelry display props


Style 6: Jewelry display with elegant colors and distinct layers

    The dazzling metal trim perfectly fits the natural off-white main body, exuding dreamy color charm. The grooved ring platform displays different diamond rings, which can be understood as the unfinished beauty or the slowly approaching romance. The placement method is also more free and unconstrained.

6 eye-catching jewelry display props recommended 1

Post time: Dec-07-2023