Do you know what is the most important thing about displaying jewelry props?

The Art of Jewelry Display

Jewelry display is a visual marketing technique that relies on different display spaces, uses various props, artworks and accessories, and combines culture, art, taste, fashion, personality and other elements based on product style positioning, through various Presentation skills to fully express the functionality, features, style of the product or the theme of the sales activity.

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How to display jewelry counters?

Jewelry is rich and diverse. How to present the best side of jewelry and match it, you can start from the following aspects.

1. Jewelry display counter theme

The main layout and display of the counter should be clear and clear at a glance, and in the overall display effect, consumers should feel the brand’s style and product positioning. The theme changes with the changes of festivals and promotional activities. During the change process, the overall effect of the display should let consumers clearly know the main promotion of the festival, the main categories and the specific content of the promotion activities. Of course, jewelry display needs to regularly re-display or change products according to product style to add some freshness.

Jewelry display counter


2. Jewelry display counter colors

An orderly color theme can give the entire special event a distinct theme, orderly visual effects and strong impact. In displays, colors are often used to unify the focus or create a balanced effect of product display, so that customers can have a sense of rhythm, coordination and hierarchy, and easily locate target products.

Jewelry display counter


3. The balance principle of jewelry display counters

In line with people’s psychological orientation, it leads to visual harmony, stability, order and simplicity. The principle of balance can be used to arrange products in an orderly manner and deliver consistent visual effects. Moreover, during the display process, all aspects of jewelry should be highlighted in a targeted manner to express the selling points of jewelry. General display methods include: left-right symmetrical composition, rhythmic composition, harmonious composition, left-right asymmetrical display and triangular display.

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4. Issues that should be paid attention to when displaying jewelry stores:

1) Have the product categories been summarized and related jewelry displayed in a coherent manner?

2) Are the materials and designs arranged in a way that is easy to distinguish?

3) When volumetric display is used, is it displayed in a messy manner?

4) Are there too many goods placed out of reach?


5. Jewelry product counter positioning

Determine the style and grade of jewelry product counter layout and display. The layout, style and grade of the display should be consistent with the style and grade of the entire store. As a high-end boutique jewelry store, the display should highlight luxury and exquisiteness and emphasize the artistic atmosphere. However, in jewelry stores targeting the general public, the display of products should be rich and detailed, so that consumers can feel that they can afford it and that it is affordable.

Jewelry counter positioning


6. Lighting effects for jewelry display

The more attentive you are to details, the easier it is to impress customers. In jewelry stores, lighting effects are particularly important. The irradiation of light can increase the color effect and texture of the product. If there is light reflected from glassware or shiny objects, it can increase the sophistication and nobility of the product.


Jewelry array is a science and an art. Nowadays, consumers have increasingly strong visual needs. If jewelry counters do not make changes, consumers will be bored. It is imperative to upgrade the display of the counters.

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Post time: Dec-21-2023