Three points need to be paid attention to when designing jewelry box packaging

Jewelry box packaging design is a very important thing for merchants, and merchants have greatly improved their profit and brand awareness brought by packaging. However, some merchants have also reported that although they have done packaging design, they have not achieved the expected results. Why is this happening? What should be paid attention to when designing jewelry packaging?

1. Reasonable connotation of jewelry boxes packaging design

A reasonable connotation can enhance consumers' trust in jewelry, establish a good brand awareness, and help to explore jewelry design concepts. Therefore, in the process of jewelry packaging design, we must have a reasonable connotation, rather than blindly pursuing high packaging materials and complex packaging technologies. These aspects are only additional requirements, and connotation is the true mainstream.

The connotation of jewelry box packaging design can be highlighted in various ways, and the simplest and easiest way is to start with color to give consumers visual impact, so that the use of color can attract consumers' attention and promote consumption. Different colors can give people different impressions, achieve different goals, and also enable people to understand constantly changing information, so we must match them reasonably. In addition, a high-quality packaging has a more important impact on the brand positioning, development, and future of the product, making consumers the first to think of your brand when they have purchase demand.

2.  Pay attention to the brand awareness of  jewelry boxes packaging

Merchants attach great importance to product promotion and sales, but rarely pay attention to brand promotion, let alone how much packaging design costs, which seems to be a waste of money for them. But do you know that brands are intangible assets for market development? Only with brand development can products have better promotion and development. If merchants do not see the value of the brand and only focus on product promotion, their products will inevitably not receive better sublimation.

3. Jewelry boxes packaging creativity and features

Taking our product as an example, our approach in this regard is situational design. With the increasingly fierce competition in jewelry, the design size of jewelry boxes needs to pay more attention to catering to consumer needs and habits, and make flexible adjustments according to usage scenarios, which has become a new trend in jewelry box design. For the design of jewelry boxes, not only should they provide diverse packaging solutions with different sizes that are more suitable for consumer experience, but they should also consider the convenience and comfort of packaging sizes and usage scenarios for consumers.

Not much to say, as shown in the picture above.

jewelry boxes packaging 1
jewelry boxes packaging 2
jewelry boxes packaging 3

This style is quite common in the market.

jewelry boxes packaging 4
jewelry boxes packaging 5
jewelry boxes packaging 6
jewelry boxes packaging 7

These are customized according to the needs of our customers.

In summary, good jewelry box packaging design is not common. We should be patient and consolidate our own foundation, so that we can grow and grow.

Post time: Nov-30-2023