What’s a soap flower ?

1.The shape of the soap flower

From the appearance point of view, soap flowers are available in various colors, and the petals are made just like real flowers, but the flower center is not as multi-layered and natural as real flowers. Real flowers are more casual, while soap flowers are all in the same shape. Manufactured from the same mold, each flower will not be the same as a real flower. There are no two real flowers that are exactly the same. Just like people, real flowers have a casual and real beauty. Soap flowers It's just a model, very regular.

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2.What are soap flowers used for?

In addition to being ornamental, soap flowers have one more function than flowers, which is that they can be used for washing hands. But because they are made into flakes and flowers, it is not convenient to wash hands. It is recommended to use a foaming net to put them down to make them foam better. . It is recommended to use it up within 3 years. Soap flowers made into flower flakes are still soap after all. As you all know, the soap we usually use will turn white or even not foam in the later stage of use, so soap flowers are the same. It is easy to deform, and with the evaporation of air, the soap flowers will also become dry, cracked and white. Flowers have the same mold, and the beauty of law is not as good as nature. Everyone has different opinions on this.

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3.Can soap flower wash hands and face?

Soap flower is also a kind of soap, but it is made into the shape of a flower. Most soaps are alkaline. So the composition of soap flower is the same as that of soap, and the main ingredient in it is also fatty acid Sodium is alkaline, but the surface of human skin is in a weakly acidic environment. So, can soap flowers be used to wash hands and face? The answer is clear at a glance. If the soap flower is alkaline, you can use it to wash your hands. If it is weakly acidic, you can use it to wash your face. It mainly depends on whether the soap flower you buy is alkaline or weakly acidic.

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Post time: Apr-19-2023